So… What’s Wrong with That?

We’re a music company, so we hate to get political on you, but… sometimes, you’ve just got to do what you’ve got to do, you know?  

Now is one of those times.  So, let’s dive right in…

It seems like everyone is asking the question, “What’s wrong with that?”  Really? 

Let’s start with last night’s escapades by this “president.” People were herded together on the south lawn of the White House last night for the final day of the RNC convention. What’s wrong with that?  Plenty.

First, it was a breeding ground for Covid-19.  Very few attendees, including members of Congress and Trump’s cabinet, worse masks, and everyone sat close together.  Periodically, they cheered as they applauded.  Cheering.  It’s like singing. It’s loud. And it causes people to spit particles into the air.  Lots of them.  It’s a proven fact that those particles can travel up to 12 feet.  They can travel further than that when the wind blows.

And oh, did it blow last night.

Second, this final night of the RNC convention took place on the people’s property. That’s right—we the people own the White House and its grounds. It’s FEDERAL property, not private Trump property.  He has not been crowned king. The United States of America has NO king. It’s been that way since we won our independence in 1776. 

Oh, I’m sorry… what’s that you say?  You weren’t alive in 1776, so you can’t be sure that what I’m telling you is correct?  Well now, I have a nifty idea for you:  read a book. Visit a history website on the subject of the Revolutionary War.  Educate yourself.  You’ll learn that the United States of America has NO KING. Or queen. And we the people are not peons.  Our president is not a monarch. And America was not set up by our founding fathers to be a dictatorship.  Monarchs and dictatorships are what the Pilgrims ran from. They left England and sailed across the Atlantic to this “new world” to have a taste of freedom. And from that taste, they cooked up what is called a democracy. 

The United States of America is a democracy—a democracy with laws that everyone must abide by. One of those laws is called the Hatch Act. It prohibits the use of federal property for political purposes.  A nomination acceptance speech delivered at your political party’s convention is political use. And since the White House is federal property, it may NOT be used as the backdrop for a political convention or a nomination acceptance speech.

Let me break it down mathematically for you:  RNC Convention + White House = Violation of Hatch Act.

The Hatch act is just one law that Trump has broken in his almost four years in office.  This is un-American. It flies in the face of all that is good and decent in the “greatest nation on earth.” 

You need Trump to make America great again?  Really?  And how’s he going to do that?  He’s been trying for four years, and so far, the only “great” thing he has made is a great MESS.  He has alienated us from our closest allies, he looked the other way when Russia paid bounties for the killing of American soldiers, he solicited the help of foreign adversaries to win the election in 2016 and this year.  Don’t forget about that little quid pro quo with the president of Ukraine. Remember, that got him impeached. Now, he has violated the Hatch Act, and more than once, in fact. And let’s not forget about his legal troubles in his home state of New York. 

What’s next?  In an interview with Fox News, he said there “are a lot more things we want to do.”  Yes, we’ve heard. First, Trump wants to end the payroll taxes that fund social security and disability. Nice. Do you know how many disabled people and senior citizens rely on that money?  And don’t you dare call those programs “entitlements.” Those programs are funded by money that is taken out of every American’s paycheck, every week out of every year.  We paid in, and so we’re entitled to get that money back out in the form of disability and social security payments.  

Where do you Trump supporters think these people are going to end up when their hard-earned funds are cut off?  Have you thought about that?  Or are you too busy making fireworks in Trump’s name in the skies over the White House? 

And how about all those mailboxes and sorting machines that were removed?  Yet, Trump’s own vote will be cast by mail. Because he’s special, right?  Yes, he’s special—a special kind of fraud and failure.

We the people will vote him out in November.  So what’s wrong with that?

What Will You Do to Help Artists and Labels Survive Covid-19?

We’re living in unprecedented times. Never before in our lifetimes have we seen a pandemic like this that threatens the life of entire industries. Everyone is talking about the impact on the restaurant, bar, airline and tourism industries, but not too many people realize the impact this pandemic will have on the music industry.  Major artists can’t tour right now.  The most they can do to deliver live performance to their fans is to post videos of themselves performing acoustically from their homes, just like independent artists have done for several years now.  It’s bizarre to me that we’re all actually on the same, level playing field for the first time ever.

But, what about concert halls and venues that are empty right now? And what about companies like Live Nation?  And festivals like SXSW and Long Island’s Great South Bay and Bradstock festivals?  Everyone is at a standstill and everyone has had to make the gut-wrenching decision to put the brakes on concerts and festivals–even the outdoor variety. For goodness sakes, even the corner music store, which offers lessons, can’t operate during this period of “social distancing.”  Even online retail is hurting because we now know that Covid-19 can live on soft and hard surfaces for quite a while. That fact is making people too nervous to even buy online.

Well, music fans everywhere, LISTEN!  Literally, LISTEN.  Go online and stream your favorite artist. Stream that artist’s music over and over again. Not only will it help you pass the time away while you’re still in captivity, but your streams will help keep your favorite artists going.  Stream their videos on YouTube. Subscribe to the artist’s YouTube channel and get your friends and family to do the same.  Doing so will enable artists, especially independent artists, get to the point where their YouTube channel will monetize.

For years now, ever since the digital age robbed the recorded music industry of its $20 billion annual sales, artists and label executives have tried to strategize ways of bringing the industry back to its former financial health.  Right now, all the strategizing is for naught. The power does not rest in us. The power rests in YOU, the fans.

LaLumiNation with Jimi LaLumia!

What’s a punk rock godfather to do in the midst of a pandemic?  Launch a video series, of course!  ChromeOrange Music Media is proud to collaborate with LaLumia on LaLumiNation, with hosts Jimi LaLumia and ChromeOrange Music Media president Susan Faber Gaide.  Join a fantastic conversation between Jimi and Susan as they delve into lesser-known facts about music business history and pop culture, with an occasional infusion of current events as told through the lens of music.

In the debut episode of LaLumination (, Jimi (of Jimi LaLumia & The Psychotic Frogs) talks about the early New York City punk scene, where clubs like Max’s Kansas City were a nightly hangout for “anyone who wanted to be anyone” in the music industry and the industry’s evolution through decades of change and digital transformation. This first episode, which debuted on YouTube on March 19, 2020, is already getting attention, most notably from Jon Wombat, whose blog post, “Typically Tasteless, A Talk With Jimi LaLumia… Part 2” ( was published on March 21 and included a link to LaLumination’s first video episode ( Thank you, Jon!

Stay tuned… even in the age of coronavirus and social distancing, Jimi and Susan are using technology to continue bringing you more fabulous episodes of LaLumiNation.